Apply For The Top Wsq Courses In Singapore For Hotels And Accommodation

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The WSQ course in Singapore provides participants with the skills and knowledge required in the hospitality industry. They offer a holistic approach, providing students with a comprehensive study program to ensure they are prepared to work in the industry.  They deeply understand the core competencies required to succeed in this field. WSQ accredited courses train students in housekeeping and hosting, including managing guest bookings and providing service feedback.

Features of the wsq courses in Singapore

wsq certificate courses

  • Understand core customer/customer service
  • Manage customer questions and feedback
  • Apply upselling and thought-provoking selling methods
  • Handling guest/client issues and objections
  • Understand hotel products and room reservation business, and provide room reservation service.
  • Book a room
  • Change or cancel a room reservation
  • Effective customer relationship and communication
  • Protection and safety of guests/clients and employees
  • Learn about cleaning equipment, chemicals, and tools
  • Clean the room
  • Essential minibar and turndown service
  • Understand tourist needs
  • Effective communication
  • Make travel recommendations
  • Become a Singapore Ambassador

The starting point for anyone looking to pursue a career in the hospitality industry

By the end of the course, students will have acquired the practical skills and knowledge to become experts in the hospitality industry. Students with the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Hospitality and Hospitality are eligible for the WSQ Diploma in Hospitality and Hospitality. Covering hotel operations and other business aspects of hotel management, the wsq courses in singapore is designed for students who wish to demonstrate leadership in the hospitality industry.